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Black Garlic

The Best Garlic Grown By

The two biggest questions that come up:

  1. What is it?
  2. What do I do with it?

What is it?

Black garlic is not a variety of garlic that you can grow.  It's actually fresh garlic that is kept at a precise temperature and humidity for an extended period of time; after which it takes on a completely different form in terms of look, texture and flavor.  The new look is black, the new texture is soft and the flavor is unlike anything you've experienced before! The natural breakdown of sugars produces a radically different taste. The spicy, sharp, pungent raw garlic flavor evolves into a more complex taste that is both sweet and savory often likened to balsamic vinegar/molasses/fig like taste. It undergoes enough change that the compounds that cause the pungent odor and bad breath associated with raw garlic disappear, leaving a tasty/sweet antioxidant rich product.

What do I do with it?

The culinary uses of Black Garlic nearly outweigh it's health benefits.  It's great mixed with olive oil to dip bread in, spread on a cracker with tomato or cheese or added to bruschetta.  It goes well with steaks, burgers, fish or chicken. An awesome addition to salads and it's even been made into ice cream!  I personally just pop it like candy...

We'll be adding recipes for you all in the coming months.